Elite FemDom and Erotic Priestess,
Mistress Nikita Reign is known for her intense mind control and power exchange. 
She will command your attention and have you begging for more.
A Luxury Domina with a deep Sensory Kink,
her unique approach and attention to detail makes her the POV Queen.
She'll take you to an alternate reality where time stands still, 
where nothing and no-one else exists.

Unique Kink  Specialties






Don't bother going to church,
come to confess your sins and face
judgement, at the BDSM confessional.
With Mistress is where the
real repentance begins.
Enter the sanctum, get on your knees,
reveal your inner most secrets and sins,
and receive divine punishment
from Mistress Nikita Reign.

Couples Therapy

Forget seeing the psychotherapist,
cancel the mindfulness seminar,
and come to the ultimate couples retreat.
Together we'll reignite the passion and pleasure that you once knew so well.
Exploring the potency of feminine
sexual power, she'll dominate
and punish you for the dog that you are.
You'll be reunited in the domain where
She Wears the Pants!

Digital Domination

No matter where you are
Mistress will continue to dominate. 
Watching, instructing, assessing and correcting you, she will
truely own and control you.
Daily/Weekly Slave Tasks - Text
Phone - Skype - Email

Photo - Live Camera Monitoring


Booking Types


Lets take this public
Take me on a date, and lets spend time.
Wine, dine, entertain and spoil me,
while I discreetly or overtly
dominate and tease you, leaving you with anticipation
and a longing for more.
Fine Dining, Events, Shopping, Spas,
Public Domination/Humiliation/Voyeurism


Come and explore your kinks, fantasies,
limitations and inspirations
in a BDSM session with Mistress.
1on1 - Mistress and you.
Trio Play - Mistress, you & one of her slaves.
Kink Caviar-Mistress, you, & 1 or more of her subGirls. 
Double Domme - Mistress, 2nd Mistress, & you.
Sub Couple - Mistress, dominates you & your partner
Couples Coaching -Mistress guides your kink journey.


A personally tailored social and session arrangement  for an extended encounter and/or international  engagement.

Extended Appointment - Travel Companion 

Extended Confinement/Imprisonment/Ignore

Social  + Session


Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 6.24.42 am.png

My time with Mistress Nikita was a sensory escapade. I had no idea what I was stepping into. I was so nervous.


I knocked on the door, she opened it slightly, I stepped in. Red lights dim, her sultry voice whispered "On your knees" I immediately obeyed.


She directed every moment from then on, I was hers. Her long red nails clasping my face, her eyes studying me, assessing me, she had total control.

Her seductive perfume lingered with every step her heels made.

Every moment had so much thought and intention within it. 

Every lean of her body, every pose, every word, I was in it.

Everything about her is authentic, she's clearly a born Domme.

Her approach was so sensual and seductive with a perfect amount of authority and dominance.

A true Luxury FemDom.

So much more than I expected and even more than I could of fantasised.

I'm forever grateful and eternally yours. No other compares.

- Pet Stefan

"It turns me on to openly explore
the psychosexual corridors of the mind.
Those who choose to share and play with them
demonstrate a great depth of character."
- Mistress Nikita Reign