Kink Fetish Latex Domina Domme Femdom Dominatrix Mistress Australia
Elite FemDom and Erotic Priestess,
Mistress Nikita Reign is known for her intense mind control and power exchange. 
She will command your attention and have you begging for more.
A Luxury Domina with a deep Sensory Kink,
her unique approach and attention to detail makes her the POV Queen.
She'll take you to an alternate reality where time stands still, 
where nothing and no-one else exists.

Unique Kink  Specialties


Mistress BDSM Kink Dinner Companion Fetish Dominatrix


Don't bother going to church,
come to confess your sins and face
judgment, at the BDSM confessional.
With Mistress is where the
real repentance begins.

Enter the sanctum, get on your knees,
reveal your innermost secrets, sins,
and receive divine punishment
from Mistress Nikita Reign.
Fetish Bondage Couples Therapy Dominatrix FemDom BDSM Mistress Punishment Kink

Couples Therapy

Forget the therapist,
cancel the mindfulness seminar,
and come to the ultimate couples retreat.
Together we'll reignite the passion and pleasure you once knew so well.

Exploring the potency of feminine
sexual power, she'll dominate
and punish you for the pet that you are.
Reunite in the domain where
She Wears the Pants!
Fetish Bondage Digital Online Domination Virtual Skype Text Domme Dominatrix FemDom BDSM Mistress International
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Digital Domination

No matter where you are
Mistress will continue to dominate. 
Watching, instructing, assessing and correcting you, she will
truely own and control you.
Daily/Weekly Slave Tasks - Text
Phone - Skype - Email

Photo - Live Camera Monitoring


Booking Types


Lets take this public
Take me on a date, and lets spend time.
Wine, dine, entertain and spoil me,
while I discreetly or overtly
dominate and tease you, leaving you with anticipation

and a longing for more.

Fine Dining, Events, Shopping, Spas,
Public Domination/Humiliation/Voyeurism
Fetish Bondage Fine Dining Couple Play Romance Tease Erotic Dominatrix FemDom BDSM Mistress

Private Sessions

Come and explore your kinks, fantasies,
boundaries, limitations and inspirations
in a BDSM session with Mistress.

1on1 - Mistress and you.
Trio Play - Mistress, you & one of her slaves.
FEMDOMsubGirl - Mistress, you, & 1 of her subGirl Escorts. 
Double Domme - Mistress, 2nd Mistress, & you.
Sub Couple - Mistress, dominates you & your partner.
Couples Coaching -Mistress guides your kink journey

Couples Therapy - Mistress uses BDSM to work through issues.

Kink Corporal Hoods Gags BDSM
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A personally tailored social and session arrangement  for an extended encounter and/or international  engagement.

Extended Appointment - Travel Companion 

Extended Confinement/Imprisonment/Ignore

Social  + Session

Elite Kink Travel Companion Fetish Bondage Heels Lingerie Latex Dominatrix FemDom BDSM Mistress Domina Private Jet Domination

Unforgettable. Being new to the scene, I was nervous at first, but I'm now very pleased that I overcame my initial hesitancy.

It's hard to choose a few highlights when the entire session was full of them, but one thing I found particularly noteworthy was when You were seated and I was on my knees and You placed Your boots on my shoulders. The feeling of Your stiletto pressing into my chest was sharp and real and for some reason it just hit home for me.


The moment I was first allowed to see was also memorable. Looking up at You in Your divine outfit made me utterly weak.

I really enjoyed the balance You struck between being sensual and strict. One moment I feel Your cool breath going softly down my spine and the next You pull my hair and give me a quick slap. It kept me guessing what to expect next.


I also appreciate how you eased into things. It gave me some time to adjust into the proper state of mind as Your submissive.


I liked the variety as well. The cold water, the sharp nails, the pinches, and the spanks were all quite lovely.


And finally, I loved worshiping Your cock. That was what I secretly wanted most and I'm very happy You gave me the opportunity.

You created a wonderful, truly immersive experience. From the preliminary instructions to the candle lighting, it's clear to me that you take a lot of pride in your work. It makes the experience that much more special and for that I am very grateful. I can only hope I pleased You as a sub half as much as You pleased me as a Domme.


Humbly yours,

- Sub G

Dominatrix BDSM Fetish Kink Mistress Australia
"It turns me on to openly explore
the psychosexual corridors of the mind.
Those who choose to share and play with them
demonstrate a great depth of character."
- Mistress Nikita Reign