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About   Mistress

I am a Sensual and Sadistic FemDom, and Lifestyle Mistress. I love to play but only with those who are committed to please and obey. I get great pleasure from drawing out the deepest fantasies within you. My style of domination is affectionate and stern, mixing the feminine and masculine sides within me. You'll experience a nurturing cruelty, a mindfuck of the utmost pleasure.
For me its a privilege to do this kind of personal work with individuals. It comes with a great responsibility which I take very seriously.
I always practice and facilitate relationships and activities in sessions according to the RACK principles Risk-Aware Consensual Kink.
I get enjoyment working with newcomers and experienced BDSM subs, who seek a one time experience or an ongoing relationship. 
I work with all types of clients, high profile, people of all ages, sizes, genders, abilities and nationalities. Working with not only high profile clients, but all clients, requires absolute discretion, so not only is discretion of the utmost importance and priority to me, but it is also one of my personal kinks. I'm intentional about who I select to spend time with, so read this site thoroughly and  send me your most captivating application.
With a special appreciation for detail I like to provide a 360 experience. Creating heightened sensory awareness, deprivation and play are of extreme importance within my sessions. I enjoy things and experiences of a high end nature and prioritise those which feed the mind and body.
I come from a creative background. I used to be a professional dancer, with experience as a performance artist having a special interest in performance installations. My installations were microcosms of psychosexuality, dream-states and the subconscious. I've created a plethora of sensory scenes and worlds on a large scale for people to play within.
Ive always had an interest in creativity, sensory experiences, creative play, psychology and sexuality.
I worked as an erotic dancer for some time where I also combined my creativity with sexuality, and refined the art of the tease. This became a theme within all of my projects and endeavours.
I'm trained in Psychoanalysis and Hypnosis, and am a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a study of the subconscious mind, language, and the use of sensory triggers.
I've always had a dominant nature but as it was also met with sensuality and care, it wasn't always obvious to me. It took some time and exploration to harness this natural ability into the right medium. I began consciously exploring BDSM and Dom/sub dynamics in my personal life 12 years ago, and it was during that time I understood and appreciated my true nature as a Sensual Sadistic FemDom.
Im extremely open minded, and being involved in the study of psychology and human behaviour makes it quite difficult to surprise me.
I feel every thought, fantasy, and behaviour serves a therapeutic purpose. Finding a space and way to express them where you are not harming others (unless with consent) and are able to experience release is the right place to be. In sessions I also work with kinks such as taboo role play and gender/sexuality exploration.
An area of my work I really enjoy is Couples Therapy and Couples Coaching. Both linked but quite different. Couples Coaching is an offshoot of couples therapy but can be requested without the couples therapy element.
Couples therapy is an obvious play on couples psychotherapy. Couples request this session when there has been some conflict in the relationship that they wish to express and overcome in an alternative format. These sessions involve opening up about these issues whilst using playful and expressive release and guided BDSM punishments.
Coaching couples, involves guidance and training of the female/female identifying person in the relationship towards becoming a dominant woman through BDSM. Whether the couple wishes for that woman to become more dominant solely within the bedroom, or also within other facets of the relationship, is up to them. I love to guide and empower women who have along the way lost touch with their natural prowess, back to their innate sensual dominance, and sexual power, in life and within their relationship/s.
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My Kinks & Pleasures

  • A respect for and attention to protocol.
  • Tease
  • Deep mental manipulation
  • Complete D/s submission.
  • Being adored and respected.
  • When its unspoken but understood that a sub is smitten.
  • When someone goes out of their way to accomodate me.
  • Absolute honesty and transparency.
  • Sensory acuity and appreciation.
  • Authentic Care.
  • Absolute Trust.
  • Sensation Play.
  • Feminization.
  • Confession sessions.
  • Couple Therapy sessions.
  • Servitude.
  • Dates and Discreet Public Domination.
  • Intuitive, pre-emptive, thoughtful gestures/arrangements/gifts
  • Being spoilt and treated like the priestess I am
  • Absolute worship.
  • Having every moment of my attention appreciated.
  • Being completely obeyed.
  • Witnessing a sub hanging onto my every word.
  • When someone anticipates my wants, needs and arranges for them to be met ahead of time.
  • Slave Training
  • Objectification
  • Spanking/Crop/Paddle/Flogger [light - heavy]
  • Shibari/Kinbaku
  • Digital Domination - Live video - Slave tasks
  • CBT 
  • Medical Play
  • FinDom 
Sadistic Collared Cuck Bull Femdom Dominatrix BDSM Mistress Kink Sensual
Sadistic Collared Cuck Bull Femdom Dominatrix BDSM Mistress Kink Sensual
Sadistic Collared Cuck Bull Femdom Dominatrix BDSM Mistress Kink Sensual
Sadistic Collared Cuck Bull Femdom Dominatrix BDSM Mistress Kink Sensual
Sadistic Collared Cuck Bull Femdom Dominatrix BDSM Mistress Kink Sensual
Sadistic Collared Cuck Bull Femdom Dominatrix BDSM Mistress Kink Sensual
Sadistic Collared Cuck Bull Femdom Dominatrix BDSM Mistress Kink Sensual
  • Have attention to detail. Thoroughly read the information on this website, and in any correspondence we have. I hate repeating myself!
  • Show the utmost respect in your communication with me, always respond with either; 
"Excuse Me Mistress", "Yes Mistress", "Thank You Mistress", or "I'm sorry Mistress" this type of communication will get you further.
  • Have great respect for my boundaries and limitations. Complaining or begging unless I tell you to, is irritating and a turn off.
  • Be clear and concise with your communication, my time is valuable and if your lucky enough to get some of it make sure its not wasted.
  • Don't be crude or grotesque when communicating. You can be kinky, erotic and sexy, without being rude and disrespectful.
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to my requests and communications, I don't like time-wasters.
  • Make decisions quickly, I don't like indecisiveness.
  • Be creative with your requests, and methods of communication. I receive many requests so make yours stand out.
  • Gifts and Special Tributes.....these are always fun. eGift-certificates/Store Credits, Shopping Dates, Sponsor me on a special trip. Click WORSHIP ME to find my specific tastes.
  • Being a  cryptocurrency enthusiast, Bitcoin is always my preferred treat and will get you on top of my request list. To send me Bitcoin you must first notify me by email and I will send you my Bitcoin Wallet details. Once you have received an email from me, CLICK HERE to get detailed instructions on how to purchase Bitcoin.

How  To  Get  My  Attention

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