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My availability - I will sometimes take same day bookings, however the more notice, the better the chance of my availability. A minimum of 24hrs notice is preferred.

My schedule - I have a flexible schedule, however my preferred hours are between 4pm and 12am.

Session duration - Bookings may go from 1hr - 4hrs. Overnight, 24hr, and Travel Companion arrangements can be made but require a more rigorous screening process. I prefer (but not require) longer engagements, as it gives me time to get to know you and your psychological weaknesses so I that I can take advantage of them.

Types of Client/sub - I work with all types of clients, novices, experienced, one-timers, ongoing, high profile, people of all ages, sizes, genders, abilities and nationalities. Working with not only high profile clients, but all clients, requires absolute discretion, so not only is discretion of the utmost importance and priority to me, but it is also one of my personal kinksI'm intentional about who I select to spend time with, so read this site thoroughly and  send me your most captivating application.


My limits - Switching, scripted scenes, gaping, brown showers, and anything illegal.

Session Location - BDSM Sessions take place at either a discreet Hotel, or at a fully equiped dungeon. Dinners, shopping dates, excursions etc will take place at a prearranged location. Outcalls for sessions will only be considered with attendance of a voyeur I arrange or once W/we have established a relationship.

My base - is between the USA and Australia, but I do tour to other countries. I have international clients who fly me out to see them. You may fly me to you for  4+ hour sessions, should the session request, destination, and accommodations please me.

My tribute - is on the HIGH End, however it includes the cost of the 3+ star hotel or hire of a fully equiped dungeon, and the possibility for any kink options listed

such as worship, pegging, anal play, golden showers etc... there are no extra kink charges. A deposit upon booking is required.


My cancellation policy- cancellation is free of charge if you notify me more than 24 hours in advance, and your deposit will apply for your next booking.
Notice of 24hours-13hours incurs a charge of 50% of the tribute and a substantial deposit will apply for the next time. 
Notice of 12hours or less or failing to give any notice,100% of tribute will be charged and you will be blacklisted.

Safety - I always practice and facilitate activities and relationships in sessions according to the RACK principles Risk-Aware Consensual Kink. Before O/our session commences a safe word will be established for each party involved in the scene, so that if during a scene a person/persons feel uncomfortable, have changed their mind about a certain type of play, or are reaching their pain/mental limits, or wish to completely stop, the safeword is the signal to Mistress to stop, assess and perhaps redirect the scene.

Exceptions - Occasionally I have availabilities at slightly reduced rates for individuals with inquiries that capture my attention and who may not otherwise be able to afford my tribute. These spots are reserved for persons who do work in animal or social justice. Proof of work will be requested.

When you inquire make sure to highlight our mutual interests and any offer of barter.


  • If you are a first time client, I expect you to have read the entirety of my website.

  • When contacting me make sure to concisely answer all of the questions I have asked of you. Good first impressions go a long way.

  • Detailed, prompt, and respectful communication is required at all times.

  • I only see individuals who are particularly interested in seeing me, and are able to articulate what drew them to me.

  • References from Professional Dominants are not compulsory but applicants who can provide references or other forms of screening are given preference.

  • I expect my clients to be clean and have good hygiene. I do not like smokers breath, body odour, or playing with clammy/sweaty bodies. If you cannot bathe before our playtime, there is a shower on location for you to take advantage of before we commence.

  • I expect you to show up on time (a good sub knows to be early), and with tribute as instructed.





**Athens Greece 26th MArch - April 3rd

** Portugal April 3rd - 25th


Booking Types

Lets take this public
Take me on a date, and lets spend time.
Wine, dine, entertain and spoil me,
while I discreetly or overtly
dominate and tease you, leaving you with anticipation
and a longing for more.
Fine Dining, Events, Shopping, Spas,
Public Domination/Humiliation/Voyeurism


Fetish Bondage Fine Dining Couple Play Romance Tease Erotic Dominatrix FemDom BDSM Mistress
Come and explore your kinks, fantasies,
limitations and inspirations
in a BDSM session with Mistress.

1on1 - Mistress and you.
Trio Play - Mistress, you & one of her slaves.
FEMDOMsubGirl-Mistress, you, &  her subGirl Escorts. 
Double Domme - Mistress, 2nd Mistress, & you.
Sub Couple - Mistress, dominates you & your partner
Couples Coaching -Mistress guides your kink journey.
Couples Therapy - Mistress uses BDSM to work through issues.
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Private Sessions


A personally tailored social and session arrangement  for an extended encounter and/or international  engagement.

Extended Appointment - Travel Companion 

Extended Confinement/Imprisonment/Ignore

Social  + Session

Elite Kink Travel Companion Fetish Bondage Heels Lingerie Latex Dominatrix FemDom BDSM Mistress Domina Private Jet Domination


Take your time and be thorough.


Apply To Serve

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